Non-Messy Lubricant - Zorbent

Need to clean up a messy spill like oil, hand soap, industrial solvents, or other liquid chemicals?  Just pour Zep Zorbent on the spill and sweep it away. 

One seven-pound bag has enough absorbency to clean up a five to six gallon spill.  That is the equivalent of 10-12 bags of kitty litter, although much easier to sweep up.

Zorbent is environmentally safe, EPA and OSHA preferred, dust free, and even reduces odors.

Meeting all absorption needs with a single product reduces the expense and space needed versus multiple absorbents.  Zorbent has almost unlimited applications and can be used on any hydrophobic or hydrophilic liquid regardless of the viscosity (except for Hydrofluoric Acid), even hazardous wastes.

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