Blue Marvel E.F. - 20 Litres

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An economical, concentrated, high-foaming liquid detergent especially formulated for brush-type car and truck wash facilities. Excellent for both single-cycle and reclaim type operations. Contains a blend of special heavy-duty, synthetic detergents, emulsifiers, foam boosters, synergists and water soluble lubricants.

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  • Concentrated: Provides excellent cleaning foam and brush lubrication at dilutions up to 1:1280
  • Resistant to souring: Unique surfactant component helps reduce natural tendency for solution to emit unpleasant odours after prolonged service life in reclaim-type operations
  • High cleaning performance: Effectively removes road film, winter salt deposits and heavy soil
  • Rinses free: All synthetic detergent system allows easy, spot-free rinsing
  • Hard water tolerant: Performs well in both soft and hard water
  • Residual scent: Provides light fresh and fruity citrus scent, even at high use dilutions