Non-Messy Lubricant - Dry Graphite

Need a lubricant that handles high pressure and temperature but won't transfer, make things wet and sticky, or attract dust? Zep Dry Graphite is the solution.

Dry Graphite is a ready-to-use, dry lubricant that coats metal and plastic with a heat-stable film that provides excellent lubrication and protection from galling and fusion at extreme temperatures (up to 1000°F) without attracting dust or other airborne particulates.

Use for engine assembly and break-in, hydraulic pumps, conveyor systems, vending machines, business machines, parking meters, tumbler locks, ovens, furnaces, kiln mechanisms and automotive and industrial gaskets. It is perfect for automatic vending machines, automotive repair shops, industrial machinery manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers and office machines. It is inert to water, oils and alkalies and is effective as an anti-seize compound and release agent.

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