Zepteen - 210 Litres

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A concentrated, versatile solvent cleaner for general degreasing. It is composed of a choice blend of effective grease solvents and emulsifiers, which can be diluted before use.

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  • Rapidly penetrates and dissolves the heaviest deposit of grease, grime, oil, dirt, tar and fuel oil residues
  • Soils are emulsified and rinsed away with water
  • Contains no free acid or alkali. Can be used on any metal, including galvanized, aluminum, and magnesium
  • Apply with a brush or solvent-resistant low-pressure sprayer. Low volatility makes it an excellent product for use in soak vats and mechanically or agitated tanks
  • Contains only biodegradable emulsifiers
  • May be diluted with kerosene, mineral spirits, or no. 2 diesel fuel for greater economy