Zepreserve NC - 15 Ounces

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A heavy-duty industrial penetrant, lubricant, moisture-displacer, and corrosion inhibitor in aerosol form. It will preserve metals, loosen nuts, bolts, and fittings, as well as remove rust. It is fast-acting, efficient, economical, and is excellent for protecting appliances, sewing machines, locking mechanisms, business machines, motor shafts, guns, fishing reels, golf clubs, toys, etc., from rust and corrosion.

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  • Quickly penetrates rust and corrosion. Loosens rust, frozen nuts, bolts and screws as well as other rust frozen parts
  • Penetrates and displaces moisture, condensation, etc. Dries electrical components such as automotive distributors, wiring, motors, contact points, potentiometers, switches, etc
  • Provides short-term corrosion prevention to both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Seals out moisture, air, and other corrosive elements