Formula 300 - 55 Gallons

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Versatile solvent degreaser that is powerful, safe, non-corrosive, fast drying, and leaves no residue. Removes oil, grease, dirt, tar, and various related soils. High dielectric strength (30,000 volts typical) allows degreasing of electrical equipment.

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  • Rapidly removes grease, oil, grime, dirt, lint, loosens carbon, and a variety of soils from many different parts and components
  • Safely cleans water-sensitive parts and components such as electric motors, switches, contacts, automotive electrical components, and office machinery
  • Dries rapidly and leaves no oily or gummy residue. Leaves no flammable residue or combustible residue after drying
  • May be applied by spraying, dipping, or immersion
  • Contains no carbon tetrachloride, benzene, or TCE
  • Non-conductive; non corrosive to all metals; low fire hazrd (UL rating between 40 to 50)