A-One Ceramic Tile Cleaner - 210 Litres

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Odor Fragrance: Grape

An extra heavy duty industrial cleaner. Its concentrated formula contains wetting and emulsifying agents as well as grease and oil dissolving solvents.

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  • Use on a variety of non-sealed resilient and non-resilient surfaces
  • Concentrated water-based formulation made to be diluted with water to provide various levels of cleaning and economy
  • Effective on factory and plant concrete floors, walls, and pits removing heavy dirt and grease and suspending soils to allow free rinsing
  • Can be applied as a low pressure spray, agitated with a floor machine, in automatic floor scrubbing equipment as well as floor brush and mop applications
  • Low foam product makes it ideal for use in automatic floor machines and on floors in large warehouses and on plant floors
  • Suspends soils and brightens surfaces while removing tough dirt, salts and even light rust stains