Klear - 4 Litres

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A concentrate windshield washer, antifreeze and cleaner. This unique formulation quickly attacks and removes dirt, road film, slush, ice, and salt haze. Recommended for all types of vehicle washer systems.

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  • Suitable and safe all year round, including in sub-zero temperatures, to keep windshields clean and free of dirt, road film, slush, salt, etc. -- will not streak or smear
  • Keeps the entire washer system, including reservoir, pump, lines and jets, ice-free during the winter months and provides better windshield visibility while protecting the washer system
  • will not streak or smear, and is harmless to painted surfaces
  • Consists of a concentrated mixture of cleaners, detergents, and anti-freeze solvents
  • Aids in the removal of frost, snow, and ice and keeps washer systems from freezing, cracking or breaking
  • low-foaming and will not harm plastic, paint or rubber parts